Collection, accessibility and use of data is an urgent priority to achieve SDG 6.

Data is key to identifying water service delivery gaps and to monitor and improve public and private sector planning and management. Critically, data informs effective decision-making for inclusive and sustainable water access.

WPdx brings evidence to water point decision-making

The Water Point Data Exchange (WPdx) is the world’s leading rural water open data platform to inform investment, policy, and operational decisions that improve water services.

Developed by GWC in 2015 to address the lack of understanding of water point sustainability, WPdx compiles data from disparate water point mapping efforts to generate a harmonized dataset. The datasets provide easy access and analysis by governments, NGOs, donors and the private sector to drive evidence-based action.

Critical sector repository, standard and tools to drive context-driven priorities:

THE WPdx DATA STANDARD allows users to share information about location, type, management, cost recovery and water quality for rural water services.

THE WPdx DATA PLAYGROUND enables data sharing, analysis and visualization - significantly contributing standardized data to the global community.

THE WPdx DECISION SUPPORT TOOLS utilize an enhanced version of the dataset to enable coverage comparisons across districts, regions or countries so that rehabilitation or new construction locations can be identified, and water point status can be predicted.

The WPdx Data Standard enables any entity to share data through the ingestion engine which generates a harmonized dataset to develop context-driven monitoring and action frameworks.

Partnering with national governments to accelerate SDG 6

Through WPdx, GWC collaborates with local governments to improve rural water services through evidence.

With the Ministries of Water in Eswatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda and their partners, WPdx has developed data sharing frameworks and use cases - transforming information into actionable insight for impact.

Collaborating with NGOs to integrate data into programming

WPdx is committed to building a community of water sector leaders that advance the use of data to achieve SDG 6.

Recognizing the role international and local NGOs play in supporting governments to deliver water services and shape strategies, WPdx collaborates with key development organizations to provide data access and integrate evidence-based decision making into their programs.

Public sector, donor and financing partners