Unlocking The Hidden Value of Integrating Women’s Empowerment Through WASH to Achieve Community Economic Transformation and Resilience

As water related issues have emerged at the forefront of climate related effects, this year’s World Water Week theme of Seeing The Unseen: The Value of Water very timeously draws attention to the far-reaching consequences underscoring global water challenges.

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The Value of Water: The Underlying Impacts of Water Scarcity on People and Development

Amidst the myriad of climate related challenges in our daily existence, we pause to reflect and celebrate World Water Week and this year’s theme Seeing the Unseen: The Value of Water.

Current global conflict, and the resulting impacts of geopolitical issues on global resources, has brought the climate emergency and water-related challenges into sharper focus.

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GWC, Zendaya and smartwater launch smart solutions: global water challenge

zendaya and smartwater are collaborating with Global Water Challenge (GWC) and its women for water platform to launch smart solutions: global water challenge, a program that provides funding to help uplift women and their communities through clean water access, sanitation, hygiene and healthy watersheds. As part of the launch, grant funding with be provided to organizations in Oakland, CA, Zendaya’s hometown, and India.

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Learn More about the Sanitation and Hygiene Fund

On Thursday, May 5, Global Water Challenge (GWC) held a webinar entitled, The Sanitation Economy: Where Impact and Investment Meet, featuring the newly-established Sanitation and Hygiene Fund (SHF).

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World Water Day: Celebrating our partnership with Cargill in West Africa which supports its Cargill Cocoa Promise

As the world acclimatizes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, daily routines across the world have adjusted to heightened awareness around handwashing and the importance of clean sanitary environments.

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GWC, Amref Health Africa and the Starbucks Foundation Celebrate Partnership to Support Women and Girls in Coffee- and Tea-Growing Communities Across Kenya and Tanzania

As we reflect upon this month’s International Women’s Day, we are cognizant, now more than ever, of women and children’s vulnerability amid the upheavals and unpredictable events of the world.

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Celebrating Open Data Day 2022: The Power of Rural Water Point Data for Evidence-Based Decisions

WPdx is excited to continue to promote transparent data sharing and use of open data in the rural water sector through our second annual Open Data Day celebration!

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Investing in Clean Water Is Investing in Women: Mobilizing A Ripple Effect for Resilience

Clean water access is a foundation for achieving the sustainable development goals: a low-cost, high-impact investment that catalyzes the transformation of households and communities and amplifies the potential of women and girls.

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Kelp Gets on the Carbon-Credit Bandwagon

Is there potential for seaweeds to help solve the climate crisis?

Read article by Nicola Jones on Hakai Magazine.

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