GWC, Zendaya and smartwater launch smart solutions: global water challenge

zendaya and smartwater are collaborating with Global Water Challenge (GWC) and its women for water platform to launch smart solutions: global water challenge, a program that provides funding to help uplift women and their communities through clean water access, sanitation, hygiene and healthy watersheds. As part of the launch, grant funding with be provided to organizations in Oakland, CA, Zendaya’s hometown, and India.

Learn More about the Sanitation and Hygiene Fund

On Thursday, May 5, Global Water Challenge (GWC) held a webinar entitled, The Sanitation Economy: Where Impact and Investment Meet, featuring the newly-established Sanitation and Hygiene Fund (SHF).

2021 Keeling Curve Prize Winners – Announced!

This weekend in Monterey, California – our team announced the 2021 winners of the Keeling Curve Prize! The Keeling Curve Prize allows us to directly fund projects and programs reducing human-made greenhouse gas emissions – like renewable energy, electric vehicles, zero-carbon innovation, and energy efficiency.