The Global Water Challenge Interactive Map provides information about water and sanitation access around the world as well as the activities of GWC and its members. The map displays information about water and sanitation access, water usage and general information at three levels: global, regional and national. Information can be accessed by double clicking, selecting a geography from the drop-down menu or searching.

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Sources: Under 5 Mortality Rate: WHO (2009) GDP: GWC Backgrounder Population, Water, and Sanitation statistics: Joint Monitoring Program (2008) Water usage: FAO Aquastat (2002/2007)
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Live Earth releases first online TV episode
Cheryl Choge from GWC writes about Net Impact 2009
GWC releases report on Universal Children's Day identifying access to clean water as one of the greatest threat's to children's health and well-being
GWC co-sponsors Clean Water Solutions for the Developing World Roundtable
GWC presents Changemakers program to business school students at Net Impact
Paul Faeth interviewed by Muriel Glasgow of United Nations Yak
November 2009 Progress Report: Mexico SWASH
GWC releases report on microfinance in the water and sanitation sector
November 2009 Progress Report: SWASH+ Kenya
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Sen. Durbin gives credit to ONE Campaign's petition that GWC helped with
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'It's time to take the die out of diarrhea'
September 2009 Progress Report: SWASH+ Central America Programs
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